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Doniphan County

Fair Information

The 2023 Doniphan County Fair will be July 22, & 24-28.

Fair books will be available June 1st. 


**Deadline for 4H Online Enrollment for fair participation is May 1, 2023. 

Summary of Requirements

  • Market beef, sheep, and goats weighed in on appropriate dates.
  • All livestock tags purchased by May 1 and enrolled in appropriate project on 4-H Online
  • All horse papers due in the extension office by May 1.
  • All livestock tagged/identified by JUNE 1 and reported to Extension Office.
  • State fair animals nominated or otherwise entered/registered by appropriate deadlines.
  • State fair exhibitors completed YQCA certification by date of nomination or by June 15.
  • Pen/Stall requests turned in by deadline.

YQCA Certification for State Fair and KJLS Exhibitors

**Online nomination system will continue this yer.    It is IMPERATIVE that you plan ahead this year.  You will not be able to wait until the last minute and sucessfully complete the process.** 

The platform will be available at http://yqcaprogram.org/.  This website will be populated with information and materials from YQCA staff as the launch date approaches. 

YQCA training must be done annually, either online for all exhibitors 4-H age 8 and up.  12- and 15-year-olds have one chance to test out of the entire intermediate (12-14 year range) or senior (15-18 year range) requirements.  Training prices vary by type.


More detailed explanations and instructions are available:

Please contact the office for more information.