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Doniphan County

Natural Resources

Environmental issues apply to everyone. Whether referring to water  
and air quality or soil and water conservation, the concern is not only ours, but also future generations.

K-State Research and Extension is committed to doing its part to protect the Kansas environment.

Nuisance Wildlife Damage Control Certification Exam

County Extension offices administer Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks examination materials for nuisance wildlife control permits. This is an open book exam which may take 2-3 hours, and must be taken at the Extension office. Please call ahead to take this exam. This permit authorizes certified individuals to take, transport, release, and euthanize wildlife subject to the restrictions described in this regulation and on the permit.

The Doniphan County Exension office maintains a list of local certified permit holders that may be contacted by the public that are in need of wildlife control.

More information can be found at:

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks - Nuisance Wildlife Damage Control

Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles were first recorded in Kansas in 1992. However, they have been in the U.S. since about 1916, and have been a serious pest of ornamental and agricultural crops in several states east of Kansas for many years. They seem to be slowly spreading across Kansas from east to west, and there have been reports of small but dense populations of Japanese beetles extending west past Interstate I-35. Japanese beetle larvae, commonly called white grubs, can now be found in some no-till areas of fields that were infested with the adults in 2021. This is becoming more common because the adults feed for a short time then fly to nearby undisturbed areas to oviposit. Depending upon when these adults emerge they may feed on young corn leaves, silks, and/or young soybean leaves, as far as agricultural crops are concerned. Read more:

Japanese Beetle: Insect Pests of Horticultural Plants and Turfgrass - KSRE Publication MF3488